Mechanical Animal featured at De Soto Row

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Mechanical Animal featured at De Soto Row

The Mechanical Animal project was an interesting assignment for Professor Jacqueline Mair’s Materials and Techniques illustration class. Students were instructed to create a conceptual hybrid between an animal and a machine and explore the representation of that animal in different media.

My Mechanical Animal involved a hybridization of a deer and a pocket watch. As part of the project I created several hand made prints and a sculpture that represented my Mechanical Animal. I am proud to say that my finished sculpture was featured alongside my roommate Sami Lee Woolhiser’s 3D printed sculpture which also features a hybridized deer. You can read more about her 3D printing process on her blog.

deerguyThe hybridized deer creatures of Time and Space

Here are some more photos from the exploration of the Mechanical Animal in various media (some undeniably more successful than others) as well as the full size image of the finished sculpture:



Up close shots of the finished sculpture

blogprocessProcess shots of the construction of the sculpture


Different explorations with cut stencil the hand printing process

Altogether this was a very interesting and fulfilling experience with technique. I really enjoyed the hand cut stencil printing process, it is essentially a poor man’s approach to screenprinting, with no screen and a very simple press. If I manage to get my hands on a press I might post a step by step tutorial.  I want to do more explorations with the clockwork deer in the future, I am curious to experiment with the inclusion of type in the design.

You can also view the related portfolio post for more information on this project.

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