Echoes of Eternea Sprites

Echoes of Eternea Character Sprites


These sprites were created during my time working as character sprite artist for the Kickstarter-funded indie game development project Echoes of Eternea by E.o.E. Games. The game has undergone several stylistic changes throughout development, and pictured above are the sprites I created for the project across the many approaches we explored as a team.

The game tells the story of Naime, Holland, Aster, Noelle, Apollo and Ciel as they venture across Rivera in attempt to discover the secrets of the legend of the Eternal Maiden. The game itself is influenced strongly by classic JRPGs such as Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy III but with a modern approach and updated game design.

I wanted to capture the core concept of a ‘new twist’ in the sprites, so I aimed for a more colorful, saturated appearance than many traditional JRPGs. I also tried to

avoid the cutesy look of many older sprite styles for a more repeatable and versatile character appearance. While working on this project I had the pleasure of being able to interpret the character designs of the amazing Melissa Hui Wang. Concentrating her intricate designs into sprite form while maintaining the character’s personalities was a challenge, but also a rewarding one.

You can see some screenshots of the sprites in action on the Echoes of Eternea Facebook page.

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