Ender’s Game

Ender’s Game Book Jacket


Ender’s Game is one of my all time favorite Science Fiction novels, so whenever I was assigned to create a book jacket as part of my Studio I class, it seemed like a natural choice. I wanted to do something fun and interesting that was also well known, easily recognizable and respected as a novel.

One primary theme of the novel is the exploration of the concept of what separates a game from reality. I am personally interested in videogames and game design in general, so the novel struck a chord with me in its development of that theme. I wanted to investigate and showcase the relationship between games and science fiction in the design I created for the cover.

To achieve this result, I created an illustration of a space ship rendered semi-isometrically, and then duplicated that image to create a virtual armada within a holographic world. Initially the color scheme was very white and clean, but I

felt that the dark green colors were necessary to truly create a link to a virtual reality and science fiction. The digital armada stretches around the cover as it journeys to its destination, a round target on the ending flap of the dust jacket.

In contrast to the dark, lined structure of the virtual reality, the type stands bold and bright in the center of the cover. This juxtaposition is intended to both call the reader’s attention to the title of the book, and to separate the concept of the ‘game’ described in the type from the image behind it. Rather than the type and image being integrated, they stand starkly apart to emphasize the tense relationship between reality and the game within the novel.

You can read more about the process for this piece in the related blog entry.

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