Rocket Character Art

ROCKET! Sprites


ROCKET! is a self-directed project that I imagined and created during summer 2011. It is a kind of text-based art sharing game that I created in my spare time and hosted on a popular internet forum. In the game, the players competed and battled their bots in attempt to collect more unique and rare bot sprites. By participating in the game, players that were a fan of the art style gained opportunities for custom ROCKET! robot sprites to be created for them, which they could then use in battle as bots in attempt to win more sprites. The Carnivirus is one such example of a custom created bot sprite that was a collaboration between me (the artist) and the player who won the bot in the game.

The story behind the game was that the ROCKET! bots were trapped on a dilapidated, automated rocket out in the middle of space and had constant

epic battles over infinitely diminishing resources. The bots grouped up into gangs based on their job and home environment within the ROCKET!

When I was creating the game and the art style I was heavily inspired by old school arcade game art, such as the art style of Robopon and Earthbound. With ROCKET! I really aimed to capture the over-the-top quality of vintage arcade games, where random nouns are in CAPITAL LETTERS and there is a much larger quantity of EXPLOSIONS than are strictly necessary.

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