Wutdo App Design


You can view the Process PDF for this project here: PDF

This was a group UI/UX project done for the second half of professor Devin O’Bryan’s Interface Design class. Students were required to come up with a concept for an application and create a brand, look and feel, and ‘working’ prototype of the application. This concept is for an app in development by University of Texas Students Chris Chung, Chris Mlinac, Chris Metcalf, Alan Tran, Mitch Stephan, Kevin Hsu, and Boris Veltman. I worked with a group of three other SCAD students to flesh out the User Interface and overall aesthetic and the interactivity of the app. Dre Smith was responsible for icon design, Ray Parker II was a visual designer, and Katie Smith was a designer and project manager.

My main responsibility on this project was interaction design. I created wireframes and paper prototypes before building the entire prototype you see in the video with a really cool prototyping software called Axure RP. I really wanted to get slick, professional looking animations and interactions out of this project. The idea was for the entire process of finding an event to be as streamlined and automated as possible. We knew that our users would want to be out doing things, not on their phone figuring out what to do. To meet this goal, we plan to have the app ‘remember’ and learn from the events that the user has chosen in the past, so that the user can spend as little time inside settings menus as possible.

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